Frequently Asked Questions


Can I use tethering (Personal Hotspot)?

Yes, you can. However, with iOS/iPadOS devices, Carrier Settings Update or APN setting is required.

You are able to update your carrier settings during eSIM installation or from Settings → General.

Can I make phone calls or send SMS?

Stork Mobile eSIM is for data use only. So it does not come with a mobile phone number to make phone calls or send SMS. However, you can use VoIP apps such as WhatsApp or Skype to make voice calls and text communications.

Which devices can be used with Stork Mobile eSIM?

iOS/iPadOS and Android devices that are eSIM-compatible AND unlocked can be used with Stork Mobile’s eSIM. Devices which are SIM locked can’t be used.

For the full list, see Compatibility.

How can I create an account?

Your account will be created when you purchase your first data plan through our website. You cannot create an account without purchasing a data plan.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept: Visa, MasterCard, and American Express cards (credit/debit).

Are there any hidden fees other than the cost for data plans?

No hidden fees. You only pay for your data plan, that’s it. Our data plans are all prepaid so it does not cost you to keep your eSIM if you don’t use it.

Can I keep my eSIM and buy a data plan every time I travel abroad?

Yes. Our data plans are all prepaid, so you can buy a new data plan from the app every time you go traveling and continue using your eSIM. It does not cost you anything when you are not using our data service.

What latency should I expect with Stork Mobile eSIM?

Our internet gateway is located in Frankfurt so the latency should be relatively low.

Can I get a receipt for the data plan I purchased?

You can download the receipt from the app, under the History section of your eSIM.

About Data Plans, QR Code and eSIM Profile

When does my eSIM expire?

Stork Mobile eSIM expires 365 days from the purchase day of your latest data plan. You can always check the exact expiration date on the app.

When does the data plan duration start?

The data plan is ready to use right after the purchase is complete. The data plan duration will start when the first internet access is made in a designated country.

Can I use the same QR code and install the eSIM profile to two devices?

Each QR code is associated to one eSIM number/ID, so you can use it only once. If you wish to use Stork Mobile eSIM in multiple devices, you need to obtain the same number of eSIMs that will be included in the individual data plans you purchase. To get an additional eSIM, log in to our app and scroll down on the “My eSIM” tab and tap “More”.

Can I transfer the already installed eSIM to another device (new device)?

Unfortunately, it is not possible with the current eSIM profile system architecture. Kindly ask you to get a new eSIM.

How long can I keep my data plan unused?

An unused data plan expires 1 year (365 days) from the purchase date.

Can I extend the data plan expiration that I’m currently using?

You can extend it by purchasing an additional data plan (top-up). This is the only way you can extend the existing data plan’s duration.

About Using eSIM For Mobile Data

Are any special settings required to use eSIM?

Stork Mobile's eSIM uses roaming communication on your device. So, when using it, enable Roaming from settings. APN setting adjustments are required for Android devices.

How do I set up an APN?

For instructions, please check out the following page.

How long does it take to connect to the internet?

As long as you set up an APN and Data Roaming correctly on your device, it should connect to the internet in 1 or 2 minutes.

What’s the internet speed I can expect?

The download / upload speed really depends on the country’s network infrastructure. You can expect, more or less, the average internet speed in the country of use.

How do I check data balance or plan expiration?

You can check them easily on the app.

Can I buy additional data when/if needed?

Yes, absolutely. When you have an active data plan, the App will show a “Data Top Up” button, tap it and you can proceed to buy additional data plan from there. Once purchase is complete, the data will be added on top of your current data remaining and the expiration will also be extended.

Do I need to be connected to WiFi when I want to buy a new data plan after the previous plan has ended?

Yes indeed. When the data plan ends, your eSIM will be offline so you will need an internet connection in order to buy a new data plan.


I bought a data plan from the website but have not received an email.

If you cannot find it in your spam folder as well then please with your name, email address and the date/time of the purchase.

Stork Mobile does not show up as a carrier when installing the eSIM profile.

Yes, depending on the device or OS version, this happens. But it does not affect or hinder its capability in anyway so please be assured and use normally.

I’m unable to use my eSIM…

Please try the following troubleshooting. For more details on each, please log in to App and find Troubleshooting under menu.

  1. Manually select a local network
  2. Specify 3G or 4G in the settings
  3. Disable the Dual SIM mode (enable the eSIM only for cellular data)
  4. Deactivate the Low Data Mode
  5. Remove the installed APN profile if any

I have only one device and cannot scan the QR code.

In that case please manually add the eSIM by entering the necessary code(s) provided with the QR code in the email.

I’ve got “Could not activate mobile data network” “PDP authentication failure” error on my device.

If rebooting your device does not solve the issue, go to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings on your phone to reset the network setting. Then re-enter the APN settings again. (Note that this will reset all the networks setting including the saved WiFi password, etc..)